a bush in the desert (legattos_dream) wrote in lasallians,
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sleep deprived + computers=erronous actions

"lol wow I had forgoten that I was part of a lasallian community lol....so how was that tony for you? was he GRRRRREEEEAAAATTTTTT, like the fleaks?
I mean friday was just a such a non school day, concert in the morning concert in the evining, and concert at suppert time. I got to dress down and have no classes whiel other peopel suffered with the dress code..did you?
but I'm going to share something that not many people might know about the chorus singer's....another time"<----what was suppost to be here last night but I was tired and sleepless so I posted ti in my journal...see kids taht is why you do crack and caffeine before 11 so you have alot of energy until 3 in the morning! live and learn right
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