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film festival...

well if u did not go u missed great deal of films made by the students of LSA. the two films from the 78's class taht I liked where "gumby finds a plots" and the one that was silent, all part of one whole film.
then we had CLARCK, music videos and other films that were funny and good, there was one stick animated but it reminded me alot of stickdeath.com.
the night was filled w/ euphoria mostly b/c there were alot fo bad films that made people laugh. Matt ema was working the both and there were minor glitches and alot of black screen and blue screen. then there was that really bad film of random shoots through out the city... it had no artistic feel to it, it was done as in last minute and had random music put in the back of it, I did not like it at all, films are ways of getting an idea and not only making it apear but alive too, films are made to express feelings thoughts and ideas not shoot random things together and call it art. oh and yeah welcome to every new member of the community
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